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What We Can Do For You…

  • Fix poor performing campaigns
  • Professional campaign setup for new accounts
  • Reduce your campaign spend
  • Reduce your cost per order/enquiry
  • Increase traffic & maintain your spend
  • Increase your orders & maintain your spend
  • Increase your ROI and make you more money
  • Any or all of the above!

Why Choose Us…

  • Fixed price monthly charges
  • We’re Google qualified partners
  • Over 10 years Adwords experience
  • We manage over £2MILLION in yearly ad spend
  • We deal with budgets of all sizes
  • No salespeople! No jargon, just Google geeks
  • Monthly transparent reporting

Professional Google Adwords Campaign Management

What we typically achieve for our customers

More sales & enquiries without spending more

By optimising your Adwords campaign on a weekly basis we’ll deliver more visitors to your website from exactly the same weekly ad spend. This produces more sales and enquiries for your business without increasing your advertising spend.

Get more sales within 30 days for no extra cost!

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Reduced cost per sale or enquiry = more profit

We analyse your Adwords account in minute detail to identify areas that are wasting money. This reduces the amount each sale or enquiry costs for your business making your Adwords campaign more profitable for your business.

Results guaranteed in month 1
or you pay nothing!

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Grow your business and sales every single month

As we work on your campaign we’ll identify areas for growth to help deliver more sales and enquiries and grow your business. This typically requires an increase in spend each month but the overall cost per sale will be at agreed targets that make you money.

Typical increases range from
50% to 200% within 3 months!

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Here are just a few of the areas we look at for you and why they are important.


Keyword Quality Scores

Keyword quality score directly influences the cost you pay for every click. A poor keyword quality score could mean you pay up to 400% more per click on your advert.


Cost Per Acquisition

It’s THE most important metric for those looking to increase profits. The cost per customer acquisition/lead is how we measure the overall effectiveness of most campaigns.


Click Through Rates

Low click through rates reduce your quality score and increase your cost per click.

1Impression Share

If your ads don’t show you will be missing potential customers. Getting your ad in front of as many people as possible is what running a PPC campaign is all about.


Long Tail Keywords

Keyword phrases with 3 or more words in them tend to cost less money, be more relevant to the visitors and deliver a better return on investment than generic keyword terms.


Text Ad Optimisation

Having multiple adverts that are highly targeting increases your quality score, advert relevance and click through rates, The ad is what makes people click so is vital to EVERY campaign.


Wasted Click Spend

Keywords or ad groups that perform badly will cost you money. You only have a limited budget and spending it wisely is key to making any advertising programme work well. PPC is no different.


Keyword Bid Management

Appearing in the top 4 spots or at very least on page 1 will increase your impressions and click through rates driving more traffic to your website. Top 4 positions are the key area to improve click through rates.

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Ongoing Optimisation

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Your advertising campaign is not going to perform 100% perfectly in as soon as it is setup.

The secret to advertising on Google effectively is time, and this is where most companies and individuals that have tried and failed at making Adwords profitable have failed.

Optimisation is the key to a successful campaign and that is where we shine. By analysing exactly what your campaign is spending, where it’s spending it and what people are actually searching for when looking for you is what makes the difference.

Each week we monitor 100’s of different elements of data within an ad campaign and come up with a shortlist of areas to improve your campaign. By continually tweaking your campaign on a weekly and daily basis we deliver more traffic at lower costs making your overall campaign profitable for you.