Google PPC Advertising Explained

google21. Top 3 Ad Positions

Google Adwords (PPC Advertising as it’s called) Ads appear in the top positions of any search result and along the right hand of the page. You set a monthly budget you want to spend and bid on specific keyword search terms your potential customers will be using to search for your business. You only pay for each click that your adverts receive when a user clicks on your advert and visits your website. Each keyword had a different cost per click (CPC) based on it’s competition and the maximum you are prepared to pay for a click. The top 3 positions get the lions share of ALL searches! All campaigns are be limited by daily budget so you can not spend more than you want to.

2. Ad Positions – Right Column

Your ads can appear in the right column and these positions are generally cheaper to purchase but don’t receive the quality or quantity of the top 3. It’s a delicate balancing act getting the right keywords into the right spots to make your advertising budget go as far as possible.

3. Natural Listings (SEO)

This is where the organic search results appear. These are below the ads and receive less traffic but if you can get there you obviously don’t have to pay for any clicks you receive. Unfortunately getting your website to those top organic positions can take many months and even years and costs to get top organic positions for high traffic keywords can stretch into many £1000s and you’re NOT guaranteed to maintain that position. In fact is usual for Google to shuffle the results!

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The vast majority of searchers click the top 5 results on a Google search regardless of whether there is an advert there or a natural search result. In fact today it’s hard to tell an ad from a natural search result!

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