Google Dominates Search Worldwide

search-engine-page-viewsGoogle is miles ahead of everyone when it comes to search traffic.

As you will see from the chart here, your website MUST be at the top of Google to stand a chance of succeeding online.

We’ve helped many of our customers promote their websites on Google and will have you dominating the search engines (and your competitors) in no time. We use a mix of organic search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click marketing (PPC) to get your business valuable, relevant visitors.

Data shows page views for July 2013.

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Did You know?

Over 40% of online purchases and enquiries come from Pay Per Click adverts.

Our customers spend on average 55% of their advertising budgets on PPC advertising with us.

It’s cost effective, measureable & above all it simply works!

google-heatmapOver 5 BILLION searches happen on Google daily.

Your customers are all looking for you there. Your competitors are all advertising there.

The image you see here is called a heatmap. It shows where searchers click when they perform a search on Google. Red is a highly clicked area and darker colours are clicked less. The Google heatmap shows where the majority of clicks go! Red and yellow areas are where your website needs to be.

Did You know?

Over 85% of Google’s income is generated by PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers spend on Adwords? It obviously works or Google would go bust!

What is Google PPC Advertising…CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT