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We’ll help you manage those little gold coins better and turn them into a profitable PPC campaign.


Your Own Personal PPC Expert Guiding You To Success!

We empower UK business owners by giving them the skills they need to run a professional PPC campaign in less than 1 hour per week. Our PPC managers use highly tuned and effective methods to optimise and improve PPC campaigns with you over the phone. We teach you how we do it so you can run your own successful campaign. If you want we can also run your campaign for you too!

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Professional Adwords Help: We Teach You What Works

We manage over £100,000 of campaign spend for some of our clients each month and have done so for many years. We know what needs to be done to make any campaign successful and we’ll teach you exactly where to focus your efforts each week to optimise your campaign for better and better results.


Your Mentor Will Teach You All You Need To Know

Running a PPC campaign is not rocket science! You just need to know what to look at, understand what it means and take actions regularly to improve it’s performance. You’ll learn how to squeeze more visitors and sales out of your monthly budget.

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Correct Campaign Setup

What is it: A proper campaign setup checklist to get it done right.
Why it’s important: You could easily hemorrhage cash if done wrong.
What we’ll do with you: We’ll check your campaign settings, ad groups, keyword groupings and budgets with you to make sure it’s all done right so we can get the campaign profitable.
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Workflow Planning

What is it: A personalised weekly action plan of things to do.
Why it’s important: You need to make changes regularly to improve your campaign.
What we’ll do with you: We’ll work with you to ensure you have a list of tasks to perform each week and month which will be specific for your industry and campaign. A personal PPC plan.

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Campaign Analysis

What is it: The methods you need to adopt to find out whats not working.
Why it’s important: It’s what makes your campaign perform better.
What we’ll do with you: There is a huge amount of data in an Adwords campaign and we help you identify the key areas you need to focus on to improve your campaign.
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Ad Group Analysis

What is it: The process of identifying ad groups that are underperforming.
Why it’s important: It identifies weak points in your campaign for further research and work.
What we’ll do with you: We’ll help you identify poor performing ad groups and show you how to improve them or how to cull them if they are beyond help.
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Campaign Expansion

What is it: The process of generating more keywords, ad groups and traffic.
Why it’s important: Without it your campaign will hit a ceiling and be unable to deliver more traffic.
What we’ll do with you: We’ll show you a hugely overlooked area in Adwords where you’ll find tons of new keywords to generate cheap traffic. In fact you’ll spend half your time in here each week!

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Keyword Analysis

What is it: The process of identifying overspend or weakness in your keywords.
Why it’s important: It’s the core of every campaign and where you will make improvements.
What we’ll do with you: Getting your bids correct and identifying poor performing keywords is key to a camapaign working. We’ll show you how to find the best and worst and what to do with them.
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Advert Improvement

What is it: A/B testing of your ad creatives to identify poor performers.
Why it’s important: It improves click through rate and quality scores of keywords.
What we’ll do with you: Many poor performing campaigns can be dramatically turned around with the use of great advert content. We’ll show you how to find poor performing ads, how to approach re-wording them and how to structure them for the best click-through rate.
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CPA & Cost Reduction

What is it: Identification of high cost areas and wasted campaign spend.
Why it’s important: Culling or improving high cost areas is top priority.
What we’ll do with you: Every campaign needs a CPA (cost per acquisition) target set and a monthly budget. We show you how to achieve your targets and get your campaign performing on your terms not Googles.

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Questions, Questions!

What is it: It’s just picking our brains when you need to know something.
Why it’s important: You’ll learn faster if you actively ask us questions.
What we’ll do with you: Our weekly mentoring calls can either consist of one to one analysis of your campaign, a structured course approach or just a Q&A session with your own PPC specialist. If you just want someone to fire questions at and learn from then we’r the people to help you.

Learn From Your Personal PPC Expert How To…

  • Create a Weekly Workflow & Stick To It

  • Identify Weak Campaign Areas For Improvement

  • Cull Poor Performing Areas That Are Beyond Help

  • Reduce Your Cost Per Click And Deliver More Traffic

  • Increase Your Advertss Click Through Rate

  • Find New Cheap Keyword Phrases That Convert

  • Spot Troublesome Keywords & Learn To Fix Them

  • Redirect Your Budget To The Best Performing Areas

  • Reduce Your Overall Monthly Spend & Maintain Traffic

  • A/B Test Your Ads & Write Great Ad Copy

  • Increase Your Conversion Rates Substantially

  • Get Better Keyword Quality Scores For Lower CPC