PPC Management Prices Based On Monthly Spend/Size

  • Local Business /
    Small Online Shop
    Under £500
    Monthly Ad Spend
  • £49monthly
  • National Business /
    Large Online Shop
    Under £1000
    Monthly Ad Spend
  • £79monthly
  • Large National
    Business Campaigns
    Under £5000
    Monthly Ad Spend
  • £149monthly
  • Large Corporate Campaigns
    Monthly Ad Spend
  • £299monthly

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Monthly Reporting

Every month we send our clients a full report detailing overall campaign performance and how their campaign has improved month on month. We're completely transparent with everything we do so you can see exactly how we're impacting your campaign and what is working well and needs improvement. NOTE: This client has allowed us to share their success with everyone. 😉

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On a daily or weekly basis we work on the following…

  • Ad group spend analysis
  • Top performing keyword position optimisation
  • Top spending keyword analysis
  • Under performing keyword culling
  • Keyword impression share optimisation
  • Keyword quality score analysis and optimisation
  • Daily budget monitoring and recommendation
  • Low CPC keyword position optimisation
  • Keyword and ad group expansion
  • Poor CTR analysis and optimisation
  • Cost/Conversion monitoring and optimisation
  • Large ad groups split down for optimal performance
  • A/B testing on advert creatives
  • New creative testing